Text that flows.
Text that ignites.
Text that inspires.

Liquid Type’s mission is to help authors and publishers shape their text so that it flows like liquid or running water. Wesley Thompson offers methodical editing, meticulous proofreading, manuscript evaluations that help authors understand the strengths and weaknesses of their writing, ebooks that are smartly and accurately formatted for multiple devices, and self-publishing solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies.

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I aim to harmonise the author’s genius with the reader’s sense. The goal is to make the text as readable as possible. I offer structural editing and copy-editing:

Structural editing is aimed at helping authors improve on many aspects of writing, including structure, plot, characterisation, pacing, language, grammar, factual accuracy, dialogue, and clarity. The editor makes some changes and adds comments directly to the manuscript for the author to address and work on, and this often involves several rounds of editing. Through this process, the editor guides the author in producing the best-possible draft manuscript.

Copy-editing is much more detailed than structural editing. In copy-editing, the editor makes changes to your text, line by line, to correct errors and improve on things like grammar, style, voice, tone, and factual accuracy. Often, the editor also makes some comments on the overall structure of the text and raises queries relating to facts or clarity for the author to address.

I edit non-fiction books as well as novels. Unfortunately, I don’t work on academic texts, theses or dissertations at present.

‘You made my life so much easier. I cried at all the help – you took my voice and made it sound so good. You are key, Wesley. I can’t wait to send you my next mess. Thank you so much. This guy 👈🏾🔥🔥🔥 … if ever you need an editor.’ — Nicolette Mashile, author of What’s Your Move?

Sweat, Scale, Sell by Pavlo Phitidis
What’s Your Move? by Nicolette Mashile
Closing the Gap by Tshilidzi Marwala
Making Love in a War Zone by Jonathan Jansen


Proofreading involves meticulously identifying errors in the manuscript after copy-editing and typesetting. A good proofreader trains her or his eyes to dwell on every letter or character, combing texts for style, grammar and punctuation errors. Good proofreaders add value by spotting factual errors and keeping an eye out for layout issues.

‘Working with Wesley is an absolute treat. Not only is he a superb copy-editor and proofreader, he also writes and overwrites on tricky projects. I’ve been working with Wesley for at least seven years now and have no hesitation in recommending him for editing, proofreading, writing and project management. Always on time and on budget, Liquid Type is my first port of call for editorial work. I estimate that Wesley has had a hand, in some form, in almost every one of the 70 titles I’ve produced in the last seven years. Impeccable.’ — Russell Clarke, Editorial & Production Manager, Bookstorm Publishers

The Upside of Down by Bruce Whitfield
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe New Reflections edited by Benjamin Pogrund
Beast by Tendai Mtawarira and Andy Capostagno
Recover From Burnout by Judy Klipin

Manuscript Evaluations

It’s very difficult to know how good your manuscript is. Will it be accepted by a publisher? How can you improve it? A manuscript evaluation (also known as a manuscript assessment, a manuscript appraisal, or a manuscript review) is usually a good first step to take, and it is cheaper than structural editing.

A manuscript evaluation is a report of a few pages detailing your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. It focuses on how you can improve on some or all of the following aspects:

• appeal to readers and publishers;

• structure;

• plot;

• characterisation;

• pacing;

• language;

• grammar;

• factual accuracy;

• dialogue; and

• clarity.

Having a manuscript evaluation done will empower you to ensure your book is the best it can be before starting the self-publishing process or submitting to publishers. For more on the benefits of manuscript evaluations, read my blog post, ‘The Humble Manuscript Evaluation: One of the Most Useful Yet Underutilised Tools for Writers’.

‘I am relishing going through the work you have done on my manuscript. I’ve published with Shuter & Shooter, Lowry Press, Southern Books, Ravan, Viking, Penguin, Jonathan Ball Publishers, etc. but this is the best editing I’ve ever had … I’m thrilled with the care you have taken and the questions you are asking. Many thanks.’ — David Robbins, award-winning author of Walking to Australia

Sweat, Scale, Sell by Pavlo Phitidis
A Year in the Wild by James Hendry
Warring Souls by Martin Prozesky
Wanderings by Aleksandar Bajic


Ebooks created by Liquid Type are individually tailored, and all technical production is handled in-house.

This means that ebooks by Liquid Type are produced with fine attention to detail, and distinctive consideration is given to preserving the title’s print composition while meeting the demands of adaptable, reflowable rendering across a range of devices and platforms.

‘Liquid Type has provided an ePub/ePDF conversion service to Jonathan Ball Publishers on numerous occasions … I greatly enjoy working with Wesley. His prices are not only competitive, but he is knowledgeable about his trade and always willing to share that information. Wesley goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are happy, meeting deadlines with a can-do, professional attitude while he creates functional, attractive ebooks. I would definitely recommend Wesley as a converter to anyone seeking this service.’ — Jaclyn Woods

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
A Manifesto for Social Change by Moeletsi Mbeki and Nobantu Mbeki
The Blessed Girl by Angela Makholwa
Best White and Other Anxious Delusions by Rebecca Davis


Liquid Type offers a full suite of self-publishing services, from editing to creating and managing accounts on digital-publishing platforms. Using the latest publishing technologies, such as digital-first workflows that enable multiple-format publishing at the push of a button, I aim to make the publishing process as seamless and affordable as possible.

‘The self-publishing experience has been very exciting and fulfilling. I have learned a lot about the various stages involved in the production of the book. Liquid Type Publishing Services is the best and I will always consider them when I publish my third book.’ — Kagiso Sithole, author of The Truth Not Lived

A Tale of Four Countries by James Casey
The Wewelsburg Covenant by John Braun
Jigsaw Lovers by William Shenton
The Truth Not Lived by Kagiso Sithole


All estimates given below exclude VAT and are subject to change. Final, quoted prices depend on the individual requirements for each project. For a detailed quote, it’s best to get in touch and send me the required information for each service as outlined below. Delivery timeframes vary according to availability and the amount of work to be done. Deadlines are to be agreed on before work begins. The timeframe estimates provided here are based on an average-length manuscript of 70 000 words.

Structural editing – for a detailed quote, email me a few sample chapters of your work, a description of the book, and the current word count of the manuscript (timeframe: 1 to 3 months)

Copy-editing – from R0,20 to R0,35 per word; for a detailed quote, email me a few sample pages of your work, a description of the book, and the total word count of the manuscript (timeframe: 1 month)

Proofreading – from R25 to R32 per typeset page (timeframe: 1,5 to 3 weeks)

Manuscript evaluation – R0,05 per word (timeframe: 1 to 2 weeks)

Ebook conversion – InDesign source files to ebook (inclusive of both ePub and MOBI formats): R12 to R25 per typeset page, depending on the complexity of the conversion; email me a few sample pages of your book, a description of the project (including any special design features to be included), the number of images and tables contained in the book, and the total page count; for conversions from other source files (such as PDF, hard copy, or Microsoft Word files), please email me for more information (timeframe: 1 to 1,5 weeks)

Self-publishing – for a detailed quote, get in touch and provide me with as much information as you can about the services you need (timeframe: 3 months+)


I’ve committed most of my life to studying the written word and refining the art of making language accessible. I have the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Literature; BA Honours in English Literature; BA Honours in Publishing Studies; BA Honours in Creative Writing; and Master of Arts in Creative Writing.

I have nearly 13 years of experience in publishing, having worked in various positions at Macmillan Education and Pan Macmillan South Africa. In 2013, I left Macmillan to start my own business, and since then I have offered book-production services to a wide range of clients, including Macmillan Education, Pan Macmillan, Bookstorm, Jonathan Ball Publishers, Porcupine Press, Picador Africa, and many individual authors.

My short story, ‘The Deliciousness of Lucerne’, won the Deon Hofmeyr Prize for Creative Writing in 2016 and was published in Itch. In 2018, I authored ‘Education and Career Opportunities in the Wine Industry’, a chapter in The Colour of Wine (Bookstorm Publishers).